Rover in Crete

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Rover in Crete

Postby shaddow » Sat Aug 29, 2020 2:44 pm

Well thanx to all at the nano meets for your help and advice. My duct tape 75 connie, made it to Greece and onto Crete with no problems at all. Went over the french Alps and through the Mont Blanc passage as if they did not exist. scenery was breath taking.and although very hot the ride was comfortable and the 2ltr B.M.W. engine returned about 52mpg at a steady 65-70 mph If i could find a way to post a few pics i would. but i am 66 not 26. Thanx once again for all your hard work Especially Arctic Who i have known a few years now, and his long suffering wife Gail. who i met through the Staffy club years ago. Good luck to you all, and i really do hope your meeting goes ahead in Sept. Shaddow
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