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Postby Paul » Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:24 pm

The nano-meets as we know them today were born out of a simple ethos. Nothing more than the desire to help others.

Perhaps the best way to explain would be by example.

Let's say it's Sunday afternoon and you have a job to do on your car. You think you can manage it but you are concerned about getting stuck in because you will need the car for work the next day.

Wouldn't it be great if a mate turned up and just gave you that extra bit of confidence to say:- "Yes, remove that bolt." or "Yes, cut the blue wire."

That's what nano-meets are all about. You do the work, but with the knowledge that there is somebody nearby who can keep you on the right track, provide the correct tool or the appropriate wiring diagram as and when needed. It really is a great feeling when you finish the job and it all works perfectly :)

Over time, the "nano-meet crew" has evolved into a nucleus within which most things become possible. Not only in skills and ability but also in experience; where are the snags?, how long does it take?, what extra bits and pieces do I need?.

The nano-meet crew is only that though. A nucleus. Everybody who turns up at a nano-meet is vital to the success of the endeavour and is expected to be involved. Not just in stripping down a car's front end, or tearing the BCU wiring apart, but also in passing a spanner when asked, getting a cup of tea, encouraging, imparting experience, holding an umbrella if needed. Also observing and learning, so that next time you can put your experience to good use. We all had to start somewhere.

Perhaps at this point I ought to say a little about how much it costs. Not much I can say though actually... other than NOWT :) A founding principle of the nano-meets is that no money changes hands, other than for the cost of parts maybe. I hope this will alleviate the mutual embarrassment which sometimes occurs when you try to put your hand in your pocket for your cash and it gets waved away. If you prefer, the only currency at the nano-meets is help and enthusiasm. We do not want to go down the commercial route and as they say "if it aint broke dont fix it" so services such as remaps or any service that incurs a cost will not be allowed at our meets

I expect you'll notice a mind-boggling array of tools, specialist equipment, nuts, bolts, crimps, terminals etc. at a nano-meet. Nano-meeters spend a lot of time, money and effort in acquiring this kit and overall, most people respect this and play fair. What do I mean by play fair? Well, if you borrow a tool, please return it from whence it came and in the condition in which you'd like to receive it. If you have a missing windscreen scuttle panel clip and someone says "help yourself" he or she means, take the one you need and not a pocketful. Somebody paid good money for the bits and pieces so readily available and as you might imagine, it becomes a little annoying when somebody asks for one or two items and then walks off with a couple of dozen "just in case". So you see what I mean by "play fair"

Nano-meeters give of their time freely and without reservation so if you see a frazzled T4 operator or handbrake mod fitter take a bit of down time for a quick drink or smoke, please be understanding and certainly don't say something like, "Is that really what you're here for?" Trust me, a comment like that really will not help :)

By the way... it's YOUR car. You take responsibility for it. You decide whether you are happy to let a madman start tearing it apart. We will usually try to assist with most things which are within our ability and within the bounds of common sense. A rule of thumb is that it must be comfortably do-able in the time available and "nothing oily". The venues we use are granted to us free of charge and we really, really, want to be invited back again so it is vital that we don't leave a mess. Please consider these things when deciding what to do. if somebody with experience says "yeah - no problem", great. If they say "no way", then please respect their views.

Cars and people in the same area can happily co-exist, providing both drivers and pedestrians take care. With upwards of 50 cars in a relatively confined area, you do need to look out :) Perhaps it is best to mention also, at this juncture, that it probably isn't a good idea to park your car in the access to the T4 area and start stripping out the interior :) The organizers try to arrange things to ensure smooth running but we need a bit of help from everybody :)

Have fun, get stuck in, maybe gain a sense of achievement. This is a nano-meet

And if you have never been to one but would like to see what we are all about, check out the short video on you tube below:
" You do the work , we supply the expertise "
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